My new world

Apr, 13 2020

Starting my journey in my new world I began to think of memories from my youth, all those years ago! My family loved swimming in the sea it really didn’t matter what the weather was like. The thrill of swimming and the fun that we had surmounted anything else. I remember one day in particular, the day I wanted to jump off the rock like my older siblings. I was terrified and bombarded with what ifs. The main one being what if I went down and didn’t come back up again? I was dithering, freezing with the cold and yet I couldn’t get the courage to jump. I looked at the joy on their faces and decided whatever I had to go through to experience that feeling of utter joy I would do it I would jump. As my young self, discovered that day the only way out of a situation is go through it. As Fortgang declares “Freedom and flight could come only after a struggle.”

To get through living in this new world I decided to take it one day at a time the main thing was I was moving and forward at all times as the saying goes “onwards and upwards”. The first thing on my agenda was to get some sleep. As a swimming mother of two competitive teenage swimmers my day (pre Covid-19) normally started at 4.40 am so here was my chance to sleep. Next on the list was to catch up on all those books that I had wanted to read for so long. Of course, some exercise was added to the mix and my momentum was beginning to start. Not being the fittest, I decided to start with some walking.

One beautiful spring day where nature was at its best, I began to think (a dangerous concept according to my husband! I stopped on one of the country lanes for a moment to catch my breath and as a result I looked at the beauty in front of me. In that moment I was immersed in nature nothing else existed only me, the cows and the sheep in the fields. My spirits lifted I needed to live in this new world but I could still be happy while doing so. After all, it’s the little things in life that make you happy.


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