My Coaching Journey

Jan, 15 2020

My first thoughts of helping people as a career began at the age of 16. Unfortunately for me I didn’t know that coaching as a professional career existed at the time. Furthermore, my interests and passion didn’t quite fit into any category that was outlined at school. Just like you I’m sure I knew the girl that wanted to be a nurse or teacher from a very young age and had their career path completely mapped out. Me on the other hand was confused and to be honest a bit worried that I could not pin my hat on a particular career path. I shelved these thoughts and feelings.

My educational journey began. This started with a BA and post grad which lead me to the world of Retail Management where I was trained to run all aspects of a business. This life was a whirl wind of activity. I loved balancing all the duties that needed to be accomplished during the day like managing a team of forty team members or so! During this time, I studied law at night as I felt I needed this knowledge to progress and also to deal with every day occurrences. As a result of this experience I became very interested in employment law. Consequently, I did a MSc in Human Resources Management.

What had evolved at this stage was my interest lay in the person and how I could help, support and guide them with whatever obstacles or challenges they were facing. Old thoughts and dreams resurfaced and now I had the courage to ask myself, What do I want? My answer was train to be a professional coach, start P and L Life Coaching and be the captain of my own ship.

P and L life coaching, with you every step of the way.


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