Learning in my new world

May, 21 2020

My attention quickly moved to how I could use my time. What time you may ask? The time I lost every day in traffic, driving to work, dropping and collecting children. This time was now available. I began to dwell on how best I could use this time? However, there was one rule being applied to my new venture. This extra time was a bonus and as a result no pressure or limitation was being put on myself. If there was a day when this new window of time was not available then that was ok.

My focus turned to learning and to my parents who from the beginning encouraged and modelled the joy of learning. On my first graduation day my Mum gave me a plaque which had Michelangelo`s quote “I am still learning” written on it. I must be honest it took me a while to figure out that no matter what stage in life we are in we are always learning. Not only that but the fulfilment that we get from this thirst for knowledge leads to what can only be described as happiness.

Where to start? I was bombarded with choices. Courses which previously were available only in person were now available online. Many at a reduced cost or in some cases no cost at all! I was spoiled for choice in our new virtual learning world. My gift of time gave me a new goal and one which I would enjoy pursuing.

This thought process brought Nietzche to mind when he said “He who has a why, to live for can bear almost any how.” This demonstrates the very power of the human spirit. If one has a goal, something to achieve in life then one will survive anything in order to achieve that goal.


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