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Why P&L Life Coaching

When I think of what coaching means to me, the image of a bus comes to mind and I have a picture of one person helping another to overcome a struggle or strain in their lives that they cannot solve for themselves.


I believe that the image of coaching came from this word which used to describe how we transport people from one place to another. This brings the key aspects of coaching to the forefront in that coaching is future and solution focused and it involves action.


Coaching can help you lead the life that you have always wanted.
Coaching involves action, it challenges us to make changes that lead to a more fulfilling life. The action part lies with you when you decide that you want to move forward with some aspect of your life. Coaching creates an environment which is charged with energy and hope for the future.


When you invest in an individual you are not only improving their life but the life of their family and their colleagues and ultimately their country.

President Mary Mc Aleese

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