Coaching – what’s involved

Feb, 18 2020

When I think of what coaching means to me, a picture of one person helping another to overcome a struggle or obstacle in their lives comes to mind. Coaching gives clarity to a situation where previously the lines were blurred. Thus, enabling you to see some aspect of your life in a different light. Consequently, stress is alleviated and an issue or area that was neglected can now be addressed. Coaching provides a safe, confidential and non- judgemental environment. The power of coaching is that it leads to a relationship which creates change in a rapid way. Therein lies the essence of coaching.

Imagine a world where fear was put aside. Where you stopped wondering about what people thought about you. Imagine what would happen if you concentrated on yourself and thought about what you wanted. Where you took action to check in on how you are feeling. Are you feeling positive or negative? Are you achieving the result that you want or are you concentrating on what you should be doing? This question focuses everything on you and your feelings and not on the outside world.

By engaging in coaching an atmosphere that is charged with energy and hope awaits you. You will be greeted with a professional who will support, guide and encourage you in a challenging and safe environment. Your story will be heard, maybe for the first time in your life and your victories will be celebrated. This proves to be monumental in motivating and enabling you to move forward with your action plans in order to achieve your goals. Coaching is effective in that it produces actual results by focusing on solutions which constantly move you forward.

Now it’s over to you, take a few minutes to think about the questions below.

What is stopping you from unlocking your potential?

What is hindering you from moving forward?

Why wait and delay to tomorrow what could be achieved today?


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