Changing my focus

Mar, 27 2020

My first thought when Covid-19 began to sweep stealthily into Ireland was fear and then a wave of panic ensued. I began to think of my loved ones who were elderly, had underlying conditions and who were working as medics and thrust into the frontline position. Thankfully the wave of fear and panic passed by changing my thinking from the uncontrollable to the controllable.

The first thing that gave me some comfort in the maze of negative news that followed was that this time would pass. I didn’t know when or how but what I did know was that it would end. This change in focus lead to a huge change in my attitude. I began to start thinking of what I could do during this time. How could I use all this time to benefit me? What would I like to achieve? Thoughts from a book that I had read sprung to mind. Frankl, in his book a man’s search for meaning highlights the power of the human spirit in that it can survive anything once it has a goal to achieve.

I learned from reading this book that if one has a meaning in their lives, this will sustain and urge a person on through their journey in life. This meaning or purpose can sustain a person through the greatest of ordeals as seen in Frankl’s own personal life. When a person has no meaning or purpose in life worth living for, Frankl shows us how they can lose interest in their life’s journey or how their lives become meaningless. When we have a reason to live, we can survive anything.

My thinking quickly switched to one of gratitude I had a roof over my head, access to food and I was healthy. This was a chance to take a moment to be still to breathe. Yes, you might say I was going back to basics but this new world even though full of restrictions could have endless possibilities. Let the creative journey begin.


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